New Team-Member: Rainer Heumann

Rainer Heumann 'Working Among Friends'From December on Rainer Heumann is supporting the team of ‘Working Among Friends’ as a contact person fort he USA. Heumann is the representative of the ‘North East Tennessee Valley Regional Industry Association’ and has acquired a vast experience in the field of international business establishment in various countries. He has been active in the diplomatic service, in the corporate world and as a journalist and will now establish new contacts between US-American and German companies for ‘Working Among Friends’. Since 1989 Heumann has been taking care of the economic promotion between the USA and Germany and ensured that German companies gained foothold in the USA. He is also advising American companies on their entering the German market.

Among his services are the promotion of companies, products and services, the clarification of administrative questions concerning the building of economic relations and the analysis of the market opportunities of various business models.

The team around business administrator Mike Lange is looking forward to the cooperation with Mr. Heumann, since it fits well with the business model of ‘Working Among Friends’.

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